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Captain Beautiful & Chester LeCrow Meet Savy Jane & The Ghost Council Of Georgetown

Commonly, we meet up with our Hadesian friends Captain Beautiful and Chester LeCrow, inside Room 301 of the Moore Hotel in Seattle, or sometimes in the lobby with their friend Bobby and his front desk coffee. But today was no ordinary day. In fact, it was a very busy busy day for our heroes...and it was Halloween Eve. 

By the time we caught up with the delightful duo, they had already been on a bus, a train, and were now comfortably seated on another bus, and late afternoon was approaching. Dear Chester was sipping on his good, good coffee and looking on as Captain Beautiful rummaged through his most Captainly backpack. Chester LeCrow finally spoke, "So, Captain, why are you so sure it's ghosts that are stealing Savy Jane's paintings? I mean, I can't see what a ghost would want with paintings."

"Oh, my dear Hadesian brother," the good Captain began to reply, "I'm sure once you see her paintings you'll agree that it would be difficult indeed for anyone to NOT want her paintings. She is so highly gifted, you know."

"But you said there are many other tenants and residents at the old Rainier Brewery," Chester pressed on, "Wouldn't it be more likely that humans are stealing them?"

Captain Beautiful didn't answer right away, but instead removed a can of glitter spray from his backpack and instructed dear Chester, "Turn your head a bit to the right." They he sprayed the lovely resurrected crow. "Good. Now turn a bit to the left." And he sprayed him again. "Perfect. We must look our very best for the lovely Savy Jane, you know!" Then the Captain adjusted the crow's fabulous purple scarf, and continued, "Anyhoo, you are very wise in your conclusion, my dear Chester. I don't mean to be dismissive of your wisdom and intelligence, but you see, the ghosts have also been haunting our lovely Savy Jane at increasingly threatening levels of late. One ghost has even threatened to cut her throat."

"Oh my!" dear Chester exclaimed. "That's quite serious...and a bit scary--even for ME! On a side note, I've never seen you fuss this much over my appearance before, Captain--not that I don't enjoy it, of course. Savy Jane must be very precious to you."

"Indeed she is, my sagacious brother," Captain Beautiful almost sang, and concluded, "I'm very much looking forward to you meeting her. Ahh, here's our stop. Come up onto my shoulder for a moment, my Hadesian friend." 

And Chester LeCrow did as such, but continued questioning, "I thought we were going to the old Rainier Brewery?"

"Not yet," the good Captain replied, and continued, "We will need to be at the old brewery just before midnight, but now we are meeting up with Savy Jane at a costume shop just a few blocks from here. We must pick out our fabulous costumes! After that, we're going to go over some game-planning and strategy with her...along with a nice meal, and perhaps a glass of wine, too."

"Ohh, that's very clever, Captain!--disguising ourselves for the ghosts so they don't know who we are," Chester chirped excitedly.

Captain Beautiful laughed heartily, but gently, "No, my dear Chester, the costumes are for the Halloween parties we will be attending once our work at the old Rainier Brewery is complete. The ghosts will recognize us as Hadesians immediately once we arrive there--no matter what we are wearing--Ressurectors they call people like us. Yes, they know us well from the trials they go through after they die. You see, they have--Ohh! Look, dear Chester! There's our lovely Savy Jane! Isn't she lovely?" Then they both waved, and Savy Waved back and approached the delighted duo, gracefully, but also anxiously.

"It's sooo good to see you guys!" Savy smiled, and embraced them warmly. "And Chester Le Crow! Captain Beautiful has told me how handsome you are, but you're more so even than I envisioned. Truly striking. I must paint your portrait someday!" Then she extended an arm and invited dear Chester to hop onto her shoulder. He did so, of course, and was surely blushing proudly as well, though that couldn't be seen through his dark feathers, of course. More pleasantries were exchanged after that, as the three of them made their way leisurely into the costume shop. 

Once inside, Savy Jane suggested they all go with a Queen theme for their costumes, and both Captain Beautiful and Chester Le Crow thought that was a fantastic idea. When all was done and said, Savvy Jane decided to be the Queen of Hearts, Captain Beautiful the Ice Queen, and Chester Le Crow the Evil Queen. A truly stunning and fabulous Queen trio they made indeed! Surely they would be welcome and noticed at any Halloween gathering anyone could imagine anywhere in the universes. By the time they had finished all their makeup and adjustments, and primps and preens, much time had ticked away, and it was time for a fine meal. 

Dear Chester LeCrow seemed to be enjoying resting upon Savy Jane's shoulder as they found their way to a Georgetown diner, and settled into a booth. They three all enjoyed a fine meal and a glass of wine each...and no poultry of course! Bellies now filled, and minds a bit more relaxed, it was finally time to discuss the game-planning and strategy they'd use in confronting the ghosts of the old Rainier Brewery. Savy Jane explained that a few of the paintings that had vanished were due to be auctioned off for charity in a matter of days, so getting the paintings back was the top priority--even over the personal threats and lack of sleep she had been suffering of late. 

I cannot give too many details of their game-planning and strategy now, so as to not ruin the story for you, but Captain Beautiful gave a wonderful explanation of ghosts that might perhaps comfort the reader as it did Savy Jane--and even dear Chester LeCrow, to a degree:

"Ghosts, you see," the good Captain began, "in actuality, are quite different than what earthlings typically believe them to be. They have far more limitations than even their own limited reasoning capability can process. This is why ghosts often make terrible threats--which are always empty threats, by the way--it's because that's about the only thing they can do. But they're not intelligent enough to realize they're incapable of carrying out the threats! The state of their existence lacks any sort of measurable gravity at all (which is great for passing through walls and such, but terrible for just about any other useful activity), and they are strictly prohibited by universal existential law from having any sort of impact at all on life or death. Let's say a ghost threatens to slit someone's throat, as a ghost has done with our lovely Savy Jane: due to the lack of measurable gravity, the ghost would not even be able to pick up a knife. Now, if that ghost got help from a few more ghost friends, they might be able to combine their gravity enough to perhaps lift the knife a bit, but as soon as they tried to move with it, it would simply pass through them and fall to the floor. So you can imagine, of course, the tremendous difficulty ghosts would have in moving a number of paintings. Truly a massive group effort would be required. The ghosts in the old Rainier will likely be very cranky from all the hard work they've done in moving Savy Jane's fabulous paintings. Also, of course, ghosts are terrible at group efforts, as they are self-centered and will only ever work with other ghosts when absolutely necessary."

"So if this is true, Captain," dear Chester LeCrow spoke finally, "then the paintings won't be very far away from lovely Savy's studio."

"Exactly, my lovely Hadesian brother. Wisely surmised." Then the good Captain kissed three of his fingertips and tapped them lovingly upon Chester's proud beak.

"And," Savy Jane wisely added, "if they have gone through so much trouble to steal and hide my paintings, then there is something about me that really upsets them!"

"Indeed, dear clever Savy," Captain Beautiful replied, and added, "They despise you enough to actually work together. It could very well be your tremendous Heartshine...most ghosts don't like the Heartshine at all, and some hate it even more than other sacred and magical objects. That said, lovely Savy, while we are there, just remember there is very little they can actually do to any of us...but they are likely to toss a few empty and horrible threats our way. Ignore them, and have no fear."

Shortly thereafter, the fabulous Queen trio finalized their plan and left the diner to enjoy the festive party-goers they passed by on the Hallow's Eve streets and alley ways of Georgetown. They took their fabulously sweet time, and enjoyed pleasant conversation en route to the old Rainier brewery.

They finally arrived at their destination just a moment before midnight, as had been planned, and were greeted immediately be a few cranky ghosts--just after Savy Jane had turned the lock and opened the door. By the time Savy Jane had shut the door behind the fabulous Queen trio, a couple more cranky ghosts had appeared and surrounded them.

One ghost drifted closer to them and spoke, "Cursed be all who enter here uninvited. Turn back now, any who wish to remain living."

Captain Beautiful extended his right hand gently, palm up, and spoke kindly, "Well hello there, Emil! How goes it? We are not here to harm you...unless you leave us no choice." Dear Chester LeCrow strengthened his mighty countenance and hopped fiercely onto Captain Beautiful's shoulder, wings spread wide and high in the air as he landed.

Emil spoke, "You know my name, you do. I bet you think you're very clever, you do! Come any closer and you will find out--wait a minute! You are one of those filthy Resurrectors, you are! You have no business here." Then another ghost drifted closer to our fabulous Queen trio, and hovered next to Emil. Emil continued, "I don't care what power you think you have, Resurrector... if that filthy wench you've brought with you takes one more step, Fritz here will slit her throat, he will!"

"Aye, that I will!" growled ghost Fritz, and he raised a knife in the air and moved closer to Savy Jane..but it was a completely harmless ghost knife. Poor ghost Fritz was unaware that his knife was harmless, of course.

Captain Beautiful's immediate response surprised everyone in the hallway--ghost and non-ghost alike. The good Captain raised his right hand into the air, palm down, and waved it in the direction of ghost Fritz' face, and the specter's face instantly vanished--all of it! And the ghost could no longer speak. Then the good Captain spoke sternly, "You will do no such thing, nor will you even speak of such a thing in our presence. If you can be civil, I will consider restoring your face  shortly. And all ghosts present should take note: we Hadesians, or Resurrectors as you like to call us, can do much more than you realize. That your trials have already been sealed does not take away from mine and dear Chester LeCrow's powers. It will serve you well to treat us with dignity and respect, as we wish to do with you."

With that, a much larger crowd gathered in the hallway before the fabulous Queen trio, and Captain Beautiful asked them all, "Do we have an understanding? Good. And now I call for a Ghost Council."

Ghost Emil was very upset by this and drifted quickly over to the good Captain, and spoke, "Filthy Resurrector or no, you have no authority nor cause to do this, you don't. Only the Fates can call for a Ghost Council, they can."

"I beg to differ, Emil," Captain Beautiful spoke gently, and added, "Only the Fates can call for a trial, that is true. I am only calling for a Council. As I work directly beneath Mayor Spock, who works directly with the Fates, the existential rules specifically allow for me to call for a Council. You must study your rule book more often, ghost Emil."

"And the cause?" ghost Emil asked, clearly agitated.

"Before I give you the formal cause," Captain Beautiful stated, "I shall first explain to you that our only desire is for Savy Jane's fabulous paintings to be returned to her, and for you to stop threatening her."

Ghost Emil inched closer to the fabulous Queen trio, and the gathering of ghosts hovered directly behind and around him in the hallway. He finally spoke, "There is no deal we could reach that would allow her to remain here, no. She is filled with Heartshine. It burns us, tortures us. She must leave here, she must."

"In that case," the good Captain began to reply, "I call for the Ghost Council on the grounds that you are well over capacity. Existential rules specify that only 13 ghosts are permitted to dwell in this building." Then Captain Beautiful turned to dear Chester LeCrow, who was upon his shoulder still, and asked him, "My dear Hadesian brother, can you please activate the Holocom and tell me how many ghosts currently reside here?"

Proud and fabulous Chester flipped open the Holocom (which looks just like a makeup compact), and a hologram appeared displaying scaled-down versions all of the ghosts present in the old Rainier Brewery building. Then proud Chester spoke shortly and to the point, "There are 47 ghosts here, Captain." For pride's sake, dear Chester added, "I can name every one of them if you like, as well as access all of their former lives' stories and backgrounds." 

"Thank you, my lovely and proud Chester," Captain Beautiful replied, and tapped him lovingly upon the beak, and stroked his feathers softly.

Ghost Emil's growl had softened a bit, but he still resisted, "I know for certain, bold and foolish Resurrector, that you have no power to banish any of us, I do. You make empty threats, and there will be no Ghost Council tonight, there won't!"

"I suspected you'd say as such, ghost Emil," Captain Beautiful sighed, "I will simply have to notify Mayor Spock of the violation then, and he will be certain to notify the Fates. And all but 13 of you will be certain to be banished to someplace sure to be much less pleasant than here. If that is your wish. Or I could offer you one last chance to hold a Ghost Council with me. Perhaps you could take a vote?"

Ghost Emil, of course, had no interest in taking a vote. The other 46 ghosts in the hallway now, however--or at least some of them--suddenly realized there was no good reason why Ghost Emil should be making the decision for ALL of them, and they began to grumble among themselves. Then they began to grumble at ghost Emil, and his brother, ghost Fritz, and there was much turmoil and confusion among them. 

The ghostly chaos went on for many moments--so many moments, in fact, that dear, wise Chester LeCrow was able to locate the stolen paintings on the Holocom, and he and lovely Savy Jane were able to vanish into the cellar to retrieve them without any notice at all from any of the ghosts. Chester and Savy even had enough time to return the wonderful paintings to her gallery, and return to the gathering in the hallway. Captain Beautiful smiled and winked at the fabulous Queen duo once they had returned, and dear Chester LeCrow fluttered proudly back up onto the good Captain's shoulder. 

The ghostly chaos did finally settle down, and ghost Emil approached Captain Beautiful sheepishly, with no growl at all, "Fine, we shall have your Ghost Council, we will. But remember, there is no deal we can make that will allow that filthy wench to remain here. We will no longer tolerate the burning and torture of her Heartshine, we won't."

"Thank you, ghost Emil, ghost Fritz, and indeed all of you," Captain Beautiful spoke, "I assure you all that you will find this Ghost Council to be a very pleasant thing for all of us." Then the good Captain raised both of his arms into the air, palms up, and exclaimed, "In the name of Life, Love, and all of Hadesia, I hereby call this Ghost Council into session. Each and every one of you ghosts shall have your chance to speak, should you wish. Once all have had their say, then shall we work together to find a solution that is amenable to ALL of us. Before you begin your personal testimonies, I should tell you that I do have the ability to give you a re-trial with the Fates, should any of you no longer wish to remain here in the old Rainier Brewery. Now. One at a time, please. Decently and in order."

The ghosts formed what was essentially a single-file line in front of Captain Beautiful and dear Chester LeCrow, and, one by one, the ghosts spoke their peace with the good Captain. The ghost line wasn't very long, however, as only a few ghosts chose to testify. Most of the ghosts that spoke basically reiterated ghost Emil's words that they could no longer tolerate the burning and torture of lovely Savy Jane's Heartshine. 

A few ghosts actually did desire a re-trial with the Fates, and explained their desire for such. I will share only those testimonies here that were particularly touching and intriguing:

Ghost Terry spoke to the good Captain, "In a fit of drunken rage, I murdered my wife. I beat her to death with my own two hands, in front of our frightened children. I wish a re-trial with the Fates because she was a good woman and I was a terrible monster. I neither desire nor deserve her forgiveness, nor do I expect it; but if I could have one wish, it would be to tell her just once that she was a good woman worthy of all the love in the world, and that I am sorry she ended up with a rotten bastard like me. If I could just once say that to her, then I would have the Fates send me anywhere they will--even the worst, most miserable place in all of existence...for eternity." The good Captain kindly noted ghost Terry's testimony.

Ghost Elizabeth spoke to Captain Beautiful, "I jumped from the suicide bridge, and took my own life, because I could no longer stand the pain of my chronic illness. The pain was so great that I became selfish, and lost touch will all the pain I would be causing my husband and children by doing so. My husband was a good man, and did everything he possibly could to comfort me. And my children were also so loving and helpful. I never appreciated any of them properly. I selfishly thought only of my own pain. And how to end it. I wish a re-trial with the Fates only so that I could tell my children one time how good they are, and how much I should have loved them." Captain Beautiful kindly noted ghost Elizabeth's testimony.

Finally, ghost Lee approached the good Captain, and spoke, "I died in a car accident on the way to my daughter's wedding. Because of my death, she lost all hope and fell into despair, and no wedding ever happened for her. I wish a re-trial with the Fates only so that I could appear before her one time, if possible, and smile, and look into her eyes, and tell her not to destroy her happiness on my account. And to assure her that she should find that special man again, and that I will be there to walk her down the aisle...but only she will see me. And she will be happy once again. After that, the Fates may do with me what they will, and I won't argue their decision." The good Captain Beautiful kindly noted ghost Lee's testimony.

There were a few other ghosts at the Ghost Council that desired re-trials with the Fates for various reasons, and Captain Beautiful kindly
noted them all. And all those re-trials would later be granted, of course, with happy and peaceful resolutions. When all that desired to speak had spoken, the good Captain finally spoke warmly to all present, "All have now spoken that wish to speak. For those of you that wish to remain here in the old Rainier Brewery, here is my offer to you: I can give you my Heartshine. It will remove all of your pain, and all of your anger. Your capacity violation will not be reported to the Fates, and you will be able to remain here in harmony with our lovely Savy Jane. Her Heartshine will no longer burn nor torture you, you have my word. Do we have a deal?"

"Aye," was the large and overwhelming cry from all present at the Ghost Council. Ghosts Emil and Fritz were reluctant, of course, but they were also greatly outnumbered, and had no choice but to concede...per the existential rules of the Ghost Council. With that, Captain Beautiful extended his hands, palms up, toward the crowd of ghosts that hovered before him. A beautiful purple light formed around his hands, and he lifted the light higher into the air. The purple light grew and expanded until it filled the entire hallway from floor to ceiling. Ghost Fritz' face returned, and he was smiling and calm--and his ghost knife had vanished. 

"I hereby and happily declare this Ghost Council closed!" the good Captain exclaimed. Then he smiled warmly at the ghostly gathering and added, "My dear friends and I, dear Chester LeCrow and the lovely Savy Jane, are heading out to give the Georgetown night the most fabulous Halloween haunting it's ever had. Now that I have given you my Heartshine, any of you that wish to join us are welcome to come along. We will return to the old Rainier Brewery just before sunrise, of course." 

Not a single ghost chose to be left behind that night...and for the first time since the building was built, there was not a single ghost inside the old Rainier Brewery. 

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