Thursday, November 10, 2016

Start Your Own Blog Series on Xanaland Freedom Writers to Get Your Thoughts on Current Politics, News, & World Issues Heard!

Hate Donald Trump? Want to get your thoughts on things heard by many? Why not start your own series here! My friend writes a fictional series called Captain Beautiful and Chester le Crow, it's hilarious. And then we have our 'Dirt Dog Chronicles' too. 

You could call it Freedom from Trump, Not My President a Freedom Writer Blog. Put the work and time into things and your feelings will be more respected than just spewing them all over social media. 

Let us know if this sounds like something you would like to start doing and we will hook you up with access to this website to add your articles. Our editor will even edit them for you. 

Other ways to get heard: 

* Write to your legislature (Washington State) 

* Write to The President of the United States: 

Good luck and I hope a few of you take me up on this!