Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Chronicles of Dirty Dog~A Loyal Hard Nosed Canine's Crime Fighting, Cat Chasing & Wonderous Adventures

Dirty Dog was a good dog, but he had a two pack a day cigarette habbit, drank like a fish, and he loved them bitches.
He had a heart of gold, loyal, and could sniff out them trouble starting alley cats in a hurricane fifty miles away, with his head under water.

Tommy cat was Dirty Dog's mortal enemy, and his army of strays kept Dirty Dog on the pads of his paws, and was sometimes overwhelming, being that the cats had nine lives, and he only had one. So he decided to put an add in The detective magazine "Coondog Detective" to find a loyal assistant, with a nose to sniff out kitty crime.
That's when Louie the Labrador, a loyal Labrador from Louisville answered the the add, and began working with Dirty Dog to clean up the fish bone, and hairball littered streets, and putting an end to the illegal cat nip trade.
Their first mission was to clean up China town, where Tommy cat, and his gang of alley cats layer was located. Tommy cat was a Siamese cat, and wore a golden satin jacket with a red dragon on the back. They called him the Boss of China town, and with his claws sunk deep in the illegal trafficking of car nip, and his underground business of mice fur coats, he was always looking for ways to bring Mayhem to the streets, and keep our doggie duo off his trail.

The adventure begins, stay tuned for the first chapter in the Chronicles of Dirty Dog!