Thursday, March 19, 2015

City Monkey Meets Country Monkey in the Emerald City ~A Grungy Children's Love Story

She was an artist from the high desert. She listened to Kate Bush and loved the movie Wuthering Heights.

 He was a city monkey who grew up listening to KISS and played bass in a band with his brother. 

On a sunny summer day, they met at the farmers market. She, of course, in chartreuse regalia, and he in '70s corduroy jeans. Moments before that, she had looked out at the water, watching the large freight ships and thought of absolutely nothing.

The worry-free life of a young (girl) monkey consisted of absorbing the sounds, sights, and smells around, and applying perfect makeup. There were few decisions to be made, and no one else to consider when making them. 

He, on the other hand, had already, as a city monkey... seen hard times. He'd left his family and not taken care of himself and gotten sick. He'd ran around town with some bad monkeys and had spent many nights alone with only his music to comfort him. You might even say he'd "gone bananas."

When they met on that summer day, time seemed to stand still for both of them. The sun shined extra bright, the near ocean water glistened and appeared to be a brighter shade of blue, and all the worries and careless needs of the past were left behind. From that moment on, every decision made and every feeling would involve each other. 

One of their favorite things to do together was to simply be at home and be creative around each other. She would paint, and he would write music. They ate healthy food and went on long walks and tried to stay away from the bad monkeys in the city who were always getting in trouble. 

Bad monkeys... always up to no good

About those no good monkeys: sadly, some of his oldest friends and family were the worst ones for him to socialize with. His own family did not believe in his music and his old friends only wanted him to misbehave with him. This worried her. There seemed to be no end to their misbehaving. They would binge on bananas and bad monkey juice and did silly things when they were all together. 

Girl monkey spent her time working to support them and doing her art work, which included making his clothes. They both sure had some fancy outfits! All their friends liked them, and, most importantly, they liked themselves. 

Mostly, life in The Emerald City was wonderful. Together they created lots of beautiful things, and he wrote lots of songs about his girl monkey. 

Something about very creative boy monkeys is that they get very sad when their art or music is not appreciated. It had been many years, and he was still not able to support himself and girl monkey with his music. 

Then, one day it all changed. Remember the bad monkeys I was telling you about? Well,  some of them convinced him to "join their band," and vowed to behave and take good care of him. They did write some great music together, but this further clouded their belief that they had control over their usual bad behavior. 

Thinking that fame would make them happy, the bad monkeys carried on and delighted themselves with baffoonery and shenanigans.

They carried on and hung around even more bad monkeys and stopped eating healthy and taking care of themselves. Boy monkey began to be mean to girl monkey for trying to stop him from hurting himself. She tried looking as pretty as she could every day, cooking fancy meals, and buying him expensive gifts... but nothing worked. 

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending. One day, girl monkey woke up and boy monkey was gone. He had gone to monkey heaven. Their close friend, the monkey with the mustache, told her "You'll be okay, love heals all wounds in time." Her friend, The Rooster, comforted her as best he could with lots of hugs. All in all, they all tried to comfort her as best they could, except for the real bad monkeys who, to this day, are as rotten as a rotten apple. 

The moral of this story is that special monkeys should always take good care of each other and of themselves, and on special days we can remember them, only thinking of the good they left us. 

Here is a gift boy monkey left us 

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