Thursday, March 19, 2015

Words & Music by Rane Stone~ A Lyrical Tribute to Andrew Wood

I asked Rane to write something for Andrew, on this day --
the 25th anniversary of his death. I love it! I think it's honest
and spontaneous. Humorous and insightful. It's perfect and
I can't wait to hear it put to music.
Siempre, Xana 'Stargazer' La Fuente

City Monkey Meets Country Monkey in the Emerald City ~A Grungy Children's Love Story

She was an artist from the high desert. She listened to Kate Bush and loved the movie Wuthering Heights.

 He was a city monkey who grew up listening to KISS and played bass in a band with his brother. 

On a sunny summer day, they met at the farmers market. She, of course, in chartreuse regalia, and he in '70s corduroy jeans. Moments before that, she had looked out at the water, watching the large freight ships and thought of absolutely nothing.