Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vincent Prices Adventure in the Supernatural

Originally released on vinyl, this is a great find for the Halloween Holiday season

Put another log on the fire, and enjoy

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gypsy: Lyrics by Stevie Nicks

So I'm back to the velvet underground
Back to the floor that I love
To a room with some lace and paper flowers
Back to the gypsy that I was to the gypsy that I was

And it all comes down to you
Well you know that it does, well
Lightning strikes maybe once maybe twice
Oh and it lights up the night
And you see you're a gypsy
You see you're a gypsy

To the gypsy
That remains
She faces freedom
With a little fear
Well I have no fear
I have only love
And if I was a child
And the child was enough
Enough for me to love
Enough to love

She is dancing away from you now
She was just a wish
She was just a wish
And her memory is all that is left for you now
You see you're a gypsy
You see you're a gypsy

Lightning strikes
Maybe once maybe twice
And it all comes down to you
Oh oh well it all comes down to you
Lightning strikes
Maybe once maybe twice
I still see your bright eyes bright eyes
And I've always loved you
And it all comes down to you
It all comes down to you

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Asturian Myth of Xana


According to Galician mythology and Asturian mythology, the Mouros are a race
of supernatural beings which inhabited the lands of Galicia and Asturias since the
beginning of time. For unknown reasons they were forced to take refuge under the
earth, and now they are usually seen by people in the surroundings ofcastros and
long barrows.
The Mouros work with gold, silver and gem stones with which they make up
enormous treasures that are protected by cuĂ©lebres. The Mouros do not usually go 
out of their dwellings, except for taking food, and also in special dates like 
Galician anthropologists had formed the theory that the Mouros are the opposite
character of traditional galician peasant.

The Thing That Stalks The Fields

Who doesn't love a good ghost story? 
How wonderful it is to have them read to you also!
Gotta love youtube! enjoy....

The White Wolf: A Fall Time Fire Side Story

   She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large white wolf had been chasing her around and around the house, gaining on her with every step until it finally pounced on her and ripped out her throat.    She lay shaking for hours, unable to sleep after such a terrifying dream.          But morning finally arrived, and the day was completely normal. Celia forgot all about her dream, until the moment her parents reminded her that they would be going out that night to celebrate their anniversary. Celia turned milk-white. In her dream, the white wolf had come to kill her while her parents were out celebrating their anniversary! She started shaking and begging them not to go.   Her parents were astonished at her behavior, and finally shamed her into staying home alone that night.       Fearfully, Celia locked herself into the house as soon as her parents left, checking every door and every window. She tried to laugh it off as she got into bed, and finally she shook off her irrational fear and fell asleep.         Celia snapped awake suddenly, every muscle tense. She heard the tinkling of falling glass from a broken window, and the snuffling sound of a snout pressed to the floor. It was the sound of a hunting wolf. A werewolf. Real wolves did not break into houses when there was plenty of game outside. She could hear the click-clicking of the creature’s claws on the wooden floor. The musky, foul smell of wet animal fur combined with the meaty breath of a carnivore, drifted into the room.      She could hear the werewolf’s panting right outside her bedroom. Then her body was out of bed and she sped through the bathroom and down the back stairs. She heard a soft growl and then the sound of animal feet pursuing her as she raced down the steps and tore open the back door. A glance at the window beside her showed a reflection of the werewolf leaping down the last few steps behind her.     Celia’s  feet screamed in protest as she ran painfully across the sharp gravel driveway toward the tool shed with its shovels and baseball bats. Anything she could use as a weapon.  But the huge, red-eyed wolf was suddenly between her and the toolshed, stalking toward her. The cold wind pierced her skin as she turned and fled around the side of the house. She gasped as the white wolf howled and took off after her. She could hear the terrifying sound of the creature’s pounding feet.      Faster, faster, she commanded her legs, panting desperately against the fear choking her. She would run around the house and back down the driveway, she thought with the clarity of sheer horror. She felt the wolf snap at her back leg and felt the sting of teeth. She put on speed.      The wolf veered away from her suddenly, and she felt a rush of hope. She couldn’t hear the wolf now, couldn’t see it in the cloud-darkened night. She kept running around the house, heading back toward the tool shed. To her intense relief, she heard the sound of a car coming down the road in front of her house.  Her parents were back and would save her from the wolf!        Then her heart stopped in panic as she turned the last corner and saw the shape of the white wolf as it stood balanced on the porch railing right in front of her. It sprang upon Celia, huge teeth tearing into her flesh and ripping out her throat.  She fell under the weight of its body, hot blood spilling all over the ground, and died seconds after she hit the ground.  One minute later, her parent's car pulled into the driveway, its headlights blinding the white wolf as it pulled toward the house.  Frightened, the wolf backed away from its kill and then ran away.

Dancing With The Devil: A Texas Ghost Story

The girl hurried through her schoolwork as fast as she could. It was the night of the high school dance, along about 70 years ago in the town of Kingsville, Texas. The girl was so excited about the dance. She had bought a brand new, sparkly red dress for the dance. She knew she looked smashing in it. It was going to be the best evening of her life.

The Bells: A Mexican Ghost Story...Not To Be Confused With An American Ghost Story, Which Do Not Have Any Mexicans In It

There once was an evil priest who did not fear God or man.......
 His duties for the church included counting the offerings and ringing the bells to summon people to Mass. But his heart was filled with greed, and he began to take advantage of the good people of his parish. The priest stole money out of the offerings to keep for himself, and when he had filled a chest full of gold, he killed a man and buried him with the chest so the murdered man's ghost would guard it. Anyone who tried to dig for the treasure would be devoured by the skeleton of the murdered man.
The evil priest planned to return to Spain with his ill-gotten treasure, but he fell ill with a fever a week before his ship was scheduled to leave. On his deathbed, the priest repented of his crime. He swore to his confessor that his soul would not rest until he returned the gold to God. The priest died before he could reveal the place where the treasure was buried. As he gasped out his last breath, he said: "Follow the bells. They will lead you to the treasure."
The Padre who attended the dying priest did not heed his words. But the sweeper who was working in the hallway at the time of the evil priest's death was struck by the notion of buried treasure. He was very poor and wanted a better life for himself and his family, so the sweeper determined to take the treasure for himself. Each night for a week, he took a shovel and dug in the monastery gardens, searching for the priests treasure. He found nothing.

Armadillo's Song: A Bolivian Legend

There once lived an armadillo who loved music more than anything else in the world. After every rainfall, the armadillo would drag his shell over to the large pond filled with frogs and he would listen to the big green frogs singing back and forth, back and forth to each other in the most amazing voices.
"Oh," thought the armadillo, "Oh how I wish I could sing."
The armadillo would creep to the edge of the water and watch the frogs leaping and swimming in a frantic green ballet, and they would call back and forth, back and forth in beautiful, musical tones. He loved to listen to the music they made as they spoke, though he didn't understand their words; which was just as well - for the frogs were laughing at this funny animal that wanted so badly to sing like a frog.
"Don't be ridiculous," sang the frogs as they played. "Armadillos can't sing."

Black Magic: An Exerpt From Scary Massachusetts

Mad Henry was a hermit who lived alone in a decrepit mansion at the edge of town.  Rumors were rife about the wild-eyed man.  Some folks said that he was a magician who called upon the powers of darkness to wreck havoc upon his neighbors.  Others called him a mad doctor who could restore life to foul corpses from the local cemetery.  No respectable citizen in town had anything to do with Mad Henry 

Then one year a new family moved to town with a lovely daughter, Rachel, who caught Mad Henry’s eye. He showered the maiden with gifts—goblets of pure gold, necklaces of pearl, and a pot of daisies that never dropped a single petal. Despite the gifts, Rachael fell in love with another, Geoffrey, a handsome young man just home from university. A week after meeting they eloped, leaving behind a stunned Mad Henry.
When Rachael and Geoffrey returned from the elopement, they threw a big ball and invited everyone in town. While Rachel was waltzing with her father, she heard a  clap of thunder. Lightning flashed again and again. Suddenly, the double doors blew open and a breeze whirled in, bringing with it the smell of dead, decaying things. Mad Henry loomed in the doorway, pupils gleaming red with anger. He was followed by the grotesque figures of the dead, who came marching two by two into the room. Their eye sockets glowed with blue fire as they surrounded the room.

A Somewhat Cheesy Poem by Bob Marley

Only once in your life,
I truly believe,
you find someone
who can completely
turn your world around.

You tell them things
that you’ve never shared with another soul
and they absorb everything you say
and actually want to hear more.

You share hopes for the future,
dreams that will never come true,
goals that were never achieved
and the many disappointments
life has thrown at you.

When something wonderful happens,
you can’t wait to tell them about it,
knowing they will share in your excitement.

They are not embarrassed
to cry with you
when you are hurting
or laugh with you
when you make a fool of yourself.

Never do they hurt your feelings
or make you feel like
you are not good enough,
but rather they build you up
and show you the things about yourself
that make you special and even beautiful.

There is never any pressure,
jealousy or competition
but only a quiet calmness
when they are around.

You can be yourself
and not worry about
what they will think of you
because they love you for who you are.

The things that seem insignificant to most people
such as a note, song or walk
become invaluable treasures kept safe
in your heart to cherish forever.

Memories of your childhood come back
and are so clear and vivid
it’s like being young again.

Colours seem brighter and more brilliant.
Laughter seems part of daily life
where before it was infrequent
or didn’t exist at all.

A phone call or two during the day
helps to get you through a long day’s work
and always brings a smile to your face.

In their presence,
there’s no need
for continuous conversation,
but you find you’re quite content
in just having them nearby.

Things that never interested you before
become fascinating
because you know
they are important to this person
who is so special to you.

You think of this person
on every occasion
and in everything you do.

Simple things bring them to mind
like a pale blue sky, gentle wind
or even a storm cloud on the horizon.

You open your heart
knowing that there’s a chance
it may be broken one day
and in opening your heart,
you experience a love and joy
that you never dreamed possible.

You find that being vulnerable
is the only way to allow your heart
to feel true pleasure that’s so real
it scares you.

You find strength in knowing
you have a true friend
and possibly a soul mate
who will remain loyal to the end.

Life seems completely different,
exciting and worthwhile.

Your only hope and security
is in knowing that
they are a part of your life.

~ Bob Marley