Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Love Rock: The Secret of 528hz and the Matrix of Universal Desire

" If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, 
frequency, and vibration "
Nikola Tesla

Music is the universal language, love is the universal healer, and water is the universal put them all together and you have the best kept secret in history, something so profound and so liberating, to the human consciousness that it could very well hasten a spiritual renaissance 
Dr. Leonard Horowitz 

Known for sinking his teeth into a subject, amazing energy and a tenacious drive that is infectious, I was startled that I had not been aware of this writer and such interesting findings, and I could not explain it or re write it any better than the music that has benefited from the theory that the universe may have started from a single vibration. 

The Dr. addresses such questions as what does the sun ' sound ' like, and makes one ponder over the idea that a blade of grass vibrates at 528hz frequency, ' Earth's frequency ', and to think that all of the botanical world is " celebrating " 528 hz frequency...the love frequency.

 How cool is that? how about the idea that genetics, the sound and light that comes from the sun, humans breath the result of the vibration and the reception of light signals that come from the sun. The electrons that are coming off the sun are actually taking in the energy and transformed via the blade of grass, so all of the botanical world is " celebrating with chlorophyll " the suns energy, and it's transforming that energy into oxygen that we breath, which is what keeps us alive. 

It's a fascinating subject and sure to gain new believers as we forge forward into pre Age of Aquarius thinking. 

Frank Zappa spoke often about the ' sound of the universe ' 
So who kept a better beat, Frank or the bird? 

Of course, there is a conspiracy theory and religious twist not to mention, many spiritual implications, such as this excerpt: 

" In search for the original musical scale, it was discovered that the Catholic church had it buried with other gregorian chants, some were so uplifting, it was apparently decided that ' we the people' did not deserve them, so they like other ancient scriptures were hidden form the public ". He goes on to say that " There is good and evil in the universe, evil is part of nature, it's part of what our creator gave us, the frequency is 741 which is resonating in the a440 standard tuning of the western worlds music " . So were actually listening to the tone and vibration of 528. Does that mean it's also resonating the tone of the devils music?

Our voices and the tones and vibrations of our voices are clearly more important than trivial communication, chit chat if you will. The sonic vibration that dolphins create have scientifically been proven to match the vowels that humans use in all languages. 

The experiments where Mozart was played for plants was pretty fascinating also, and gives these theories a lot of substance. Sometime  called bio sonic's, growth chambers have been created and have successfully enhanced plant life. 

Then there's the big question...who or what music is recorded in the 528hz frequency? Of course The Beatles! Now I wont pretend for a minute to know this to be 100% true, you decide for yourself...and if you believe it to be true, what frequency do you play in? 

More on The Beatles and 528hz:

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