Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rick Friel's 365 Albums: 7 Year Bitch

Photo by Anna Knowlden

With everyone in Seattle is still reeling from the amazing month of non stop grunge this month, I bet Rick has got some really great perspectives on some of the Sub Pop bands that graced The Emerald City recently. We all got to see Mudhoney on the Space Needle, and were treated to an all day free Sub Pop Jubilee for their 25th anniversary, and last night Safeco saw its first show, the one and only Sir Paul McCartney joined by Dave Grohl and Krist Novaselic from Nirvana! So the grunge beat goes on and Rick has been playing out a lot as well, and we will be covering that as well, for now here is another trip down memory lane on Rick's 365 albums. 

What if Selene Vigil was as big as Beyonce? Wait. Hear me out. Imagine. Think I'm crazy? Two words: Kurt Cobain. He was just as unlikely. Came out of nowhere & changed the world. Saved rock. Again. He means so much to people all over the globe. OK. Well, I wish Selene was as big as Beyonce.
It would be a better world. Instead of billions of girls singing "Bootylicious" they'd be chanting "Dead Men Don't Rape". What an effect that would be. I'd rather them memorize :
You ain't got the right tellin' me I'm uptight
And I'm not obligated to give in 'cuz you're frustrated
No, my revenge is death, 'cuz you deserve the best
And I'm not turned on by your masculinity
Dead men don't rape
I don't have pity not a single tear
For those who get joy from a woman's fear
I'd rather get a gun and just blow you away
Then you'll learn first hand
Dead men don't rape
You're getting sucked into society's sickest
Don't go out alone you might get raped!
But not by a dead man 'cuz
Dead men don't rape. 

"Single Ladies" or "No Fucking War"?

It's a butterfly effect. All of this has deep meaning. If only.

"Diva or Lorna"

I'm not saying no Beyonce in the world. I would just like a world where their roles are reversed. Imagine a powerful role model like Selene that girls can look up to. Be like. Know every word on "Sick 'em". Parents naming their kids Selene. You say I'm a dreamer?

"Halo" or "You Smell Lonely"

It can be a better world. There will be a Selene one day that will rise up out of the muck. And the world will change.
I just hope I'm alive to see it.

This album is even cooler because Dave Hawkes shot the cover! Yes Dave from Jodie Watts.