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What Do Layne Staley and Bob Marley Have in Common and is There Such a Thing as Kindred Spirits in Other Worlds?

There you are crying again
But your loveliness won't cover your shame
There you are talking true love
You've given the blame 
How could I be so wrong
To think that we could get along
Days I wasted with you child 
If I count they'll be a million or two 
Now I stand alone through the memory
That haunts me, that haunts me
And I walk alone through the rhapsody 
That taunts me, that taunts me
Stand Alone Bob Marley

For clear space and soundness of mind
I've let you play me for sometime
One can only receive and retain
But the lies you recite for your gain
So you rely on my faith in your kind
Or rather continue to pretend that I'm blind
You say I made your life a living hell
And yet still let me pay you when I fell
How is it your feeling so uneasy?
How is it that I feel fine?
Life reveals what is dealt through seasons 
Circle comes around each time 
Above Layne Staley

Two great writers that shared a similar philosophy, Bob was known to say " you gotta start somewhere" and would stay up alone all night writing songs. 

Bob Marley being interviewed on his last tour

If you want to see a great documentary, Kevin McDonald has done a brilliant job with ' Marley '

at this time there has not been a documentary made about Layne Staley

For those of us from Seattle that knew Layne, we knew him as a quiet man, a deep thinker, who was sometimes misunderstood and easily judged as merely another stoner musician who didn't want to work. Like Bob Marley though, once his music was available to the masses, he was embraced as an important voice that represented yet another generation of kids from broken homes, a hero for the lost boys with no outlet or escape except a pen and paper.

Bob Marley's mother had a romantic but short relationship with the very white Norval Marley.  Norval was an englishman from Sussex, who was 60 years old when he briefly wed the 18 year old Cedella Maclom. He provided for them, but was later remarried and never got close to Bob. His wife, Rita recalls a time in the documentary when they went too see his father and asked for money for a car so they could deliver and sell their record albums. He refused them. 

Bob Marley's mother Cedella, age 18, and Bob's father, Norvall, age unknown in  photo

A natural reaction to feeling like you don't belong, music was Bob's way of expressing his feelings. Bob's producer Lee " Scratchy "  when asked why people love Bob Marley, Perry, described him by saying " It's the story he tells of his life...pitiful, the way he tells you, you believe it. He was a very blessed soul, a very blessed spirit"

Bob Marley and the Wailer's Live 

Maybe some rastafarian's would be insulted that I would compare Layne to Bob Marley, they would call me a " ras clot" , trust me I toured with Burning Spear, I know they consider their music ritualistic, much like their marijuana smoking, but if they met Layne they would know that they were very much alike. Layne did and didn't want to be a star, he just wanted his music to be heard and FELT and it was... and continues to gain new listeners and to inspire aspiring musicians everywhere, not just in Seattle, but all over the world, just like Bob Marley.

 When The Wailers were signed it's rumored that some of the core band members left the tour. And apparently it was noticed my Bob as well that the audience got whiter and whiter. He may not have done hard drugs, but the stuff that did weigh heavy on him took a toll on his health. Not that they expected a totally mixed audience, but the idea of ' One Love' was far in the distance as the Vietnam War loomed over the nations heads.

 If it's true that cancer can be caused by internal feeling, it makes you wonder how such a mellow free thinking man like Bob became so ill, maybe it's true that artist and musicians are the most sensitive people, no matter how screwed up they may seem  to certain people, for those of us that relate to them, they seem to put the words in our mouths when it comes to describing how we also feel about life.

 And how heavy the desire to drink from the goblet of fame must be, when one has been parched for so long...

 Some psychic's believe that in the afterlife, children are there to guide children, artist to guide artist, and so on. I have no idea why Bob reminds me of Layne or if they really were as alike as I'd like to think! But I'm sure if there are kindred spirits in the world we leave this one for, they are surely together and making amazing music....

Here is one of Xanaland's very favorite songs by Layne Staley

Hey, if I say it could happen, then it could happen, don't forget, in Xanaland were like the mafia, even when were wrong were right!

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