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Rick Friels 365 Albums: The Monkees ' Pool It! '

Photo by Anna Knowlden 

Much thanks to Rick Friel again for letting us share his personal series, ' 365 Albums' and with no further introduction, please read this wonderful recollection of a summer gone wrong and the music that gave it it's own soundtrack...

"things are much better since you went away"
Leaving LA. Not the best feeling in the world. It was a sad day. Moving home. 1988. Sigh. I never wanted to leave Hollywood; I felt like I belonged there. I was going to make it with my band Shadow. I'm
a little hungover too. I need coffee. 
But I always think positive & make the best of things. I made sure I had a few cassettes ready to play in my '74 Impala for that long drive home.
I had a Jetboy demo that Ron from Jetboy gave me at a BBQ. A few mix tapes people had made me. The Doors. Kiss. And, The Monkees "Pool It". I don't know why I even set it up front. I got it when it came out last Summer. I always loved The Monkees. There were a few good songs on there but it wasn't great. So off I drove by myself. Through LA, through odd little towns to stop & get coffee (I gotta have my coffee!), eat donuts, use rest stops.
All along the music is keeping me going. Jetboy is rocking me. Local radio stations fading in & out. After one stop in Redding I decided to put in "Pool It". Why not?
"Heart and Soul" comes on. OK. I love Micky Dolenz' voice but this isn't good. Pulling onto the highway I thought, 'No. This is bad.' I hit eject &the thing wouldn't come out. Oh no!
It's stuck! I tried pulling it out and my finger got caught inside the tape deck. Took some skin off.
Davy Jones crooned at me, "(I'll) Love You Forever". Wait. Forever? Are you kidding me? I pulled. It wouldn't come out. My car swerved. Are you kidding me? It was "Pool It"or nothing. 500 miles to go. You get to know an album pretty when it's the only thing to listen to. I would sing to myself at the top of my lungs instead of having to hear "Secret Heart" one more time. What? Never heard of it? I have. How about "Midnight"? No? Really. The Monkees did a reggae ska song. Did you know that? I do. It's called "She's Moving In With Rico" and it's really bad. This isn't the cool Monkees. ("Words", "What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round?", "Going Down" or "Can You Dig It") No. This was the tape that wouldn't die. I did learn to love one song on there by Peter Tork, "Since You Went Away". It was like a little oasis; natural sounds, banjos and washboards with a funny out of tune voice in a sea of drum machines and keyboards and humorless singing. This was the one I would wait for; the way it would fade in and how Peter freaks out at the end as it fades out. I loved it.
"I'd Go The Wide World"...not to hear this tape again!
On & on it went as night turned to day. I began a love hate relationship to "Pool It". Why did I buy it? I'd get mad. Hours later I'd be singing along with "Gettin' In". Bopping up & down in my leather seats. Coffee & The Monkees. ""Long Way Home". I hope not. Wait:
There it is-Home. Ah Seattle! Ah! The Ranier sign. Ah! "Counting On You"...
As I pulled up to my parents house & turned off the car the cassette popped out. Just like that.
I never listened to it again.
I actually bought "Since You Went Away" on iTunes. Just for laughs.
It didn't get stuck in my iPhone.

" She's moving in with Rico " 

Rick many music projects have a busy summer of shows planned, check our home page here for venue calenders and our personal calender for shows we are attending and streaming. Rock on love children. 

Sincerely, Sancho 

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