Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How The Grunge Girl Was Born:The First 50 Years of Northwest Female Singers 1957-2007

Haven't you ever wondered whats in the water in the Northwest that makes young girls break their parents hearts by becoming performers instead of going to college? And what the real history is regarding female performers and just how did  the Seattle scene get to be so awsome? The charmed life of the women who followed their dreams is a complicated and intricate story with many stories woven  in between.
The realm of rock 'n' roll (despite its many liberating attributes) is also, alas, a notoriously sexist one -- a place always vastly outnumbered females as active players and where an exclusionary "boys' club" environment has often allowed for everything from misogynistic lyrics about girlfriends, to unwarranted jokes about women musicians' skill levels, to the maltreatment of certain fans ("groupies"). However, any notion that all female rockers are merely a cute sideshow -- e.g. 1960s American bands like: the Angels,
Bedwells, the Blondettes, Candy and the Kisses, the Charmettes, the Cherries, the Cheese Cakes, the Darlings, the Dolls, the Kittens, the Pets, the Pin-Ups, the Playmates, the Poni-Tails, the Pristines, the Surf Bunnies, the Sweets, the Tiaras, the Trinkets, and the Yum Yums -- to the real deal, is woefully misguided.