Thursday, February 21, 2013

Words and Music by Jim Morrison

          Poetry in Motion by The Lizard King

American Prayer - Although it went platinum, this is the album that producer Paul Rothchild called " The Rape of Morrison" Should it have been scrapped and never heard? Well that's just crazy talk, anyone who loves the Doors and has been influenced by Jim Morrison has to greatly appreciate that these kind of projects and recording are " here for a reason".
Screw the critics. The poetry was originally recorded in 1969 and 1970
then 7 years later after Jim passed away, the remaining members of The Doors recorded back up music 
for it. Weather this was Jim's intent and vision for his poetry, the way someones belongs and music
legacy is handled after they die is bound to be a subject of dispute, we can only take it as it is and 
appreciate that it has been preserved for us. Seattle music is famous for it's moodiness, and his influence
although more subtle than that of Jimi Hendrix or Led Zepplin make him a Xanaland favorite.  The following
is a collection of my favorite poems by Jim Morrison. Read but do not weep. The Lizard King is always
with us. Just ask Mark Lanegan.

If the writer can write &
the farmer can sow
Then all miracles concur,
appear & start happening...
If the children eat, if their
time of crying was Midnight.
The earth needs them:

Soft dogs on the snow
Nestled in Spring
When sun makes wine
& blood dances dangerous
in the veins or vine.

France is 1st, Nogales round-up
cross over the border...
land of eternal adolescence
quality of despair unmatched
anywhere on the perimeter
Message from the outskirts
calling us home
This is the private space of a
new order. We need saviors.
To help us survive the journey.
Now who will come?
Now hear this:
We have started the crossing
Who knows? it may end badly.

The actors are assembled;
immediately they become
I, for one, am in ecstasy
Can I convince you to smile?

No wise men now.
Each on his own
grab your daughter & run.

Everything human
is leaving
her face

Soon she will disappear
into the calm


My Wild Love!

Drugs sex drunkenness battle
return to the water-world
Mother of man
Monstrous sleep-walking gentle swarming
atomic world
Anomie in social life.

How can we hate or love or judge
in the sea-swarm world of atoms
All one, one All
How can we play or not play
How can we put one foot before us
or revolutionize or write.

Cold electric music
Damage me
Rend my mind
w/your dark slumber.

Cold temple of steel
Cold minds alive
on the strangled shore.

Veterans of foreign wars
We are the soldiers of
Rock & Roll Wars.


I can make the earth stop in
its tracks. I made the
farthest things, I can change
the course of nature.
I can place myself anywhere in
space or time.
I can summon the dead.
I can perceive events on other worlds.
in my deepest inner mind,
& in the mind of others,

I can.

I am.

The grand highway


An angel runs
Thru the sudden light
Thru the room
A ghost precedes us
A shadow follows us
And each time we stop
We fall.

I am troubled
By your eyes

I am struck
By the feather
Of your soft

The sound of glass
Speaks quick

And conceals
What your eyes fight
To explain.


Eternal consciousness
in the Void
(makes trial & jail seem almost friendly) 
a Kiss in the Storm
(Madman at the wheel
gun at the neck
space populous & arching cooly.)

A barn
a cabin attic

Your own face
in the mirrored window

fear of restroom's
tragic cold

I’m freezing

white wings of

grey velvet deer

The Canyon

the car a craft
in wretched

Sudden movements

& your past
to warm you
in Spiritless

The Lonely HWY
Cold hiker

Afraid of Wolves
& his own


Lament for my cock
Sore & crucified
I seek to know you
acquiring soulful wisdom
you can open walls of

How to get death
On the morning

T.V. death
which the child

which makes
me write

Slow train
The death of my cock
gives life

Guitar player
Ancient wise satyr
Sing your ode
to my cock
caress its lament
stiffen & guide

Lost cells
The knowledge of cancer
To speak to the heart
& give the great gift




This stable friend
& the beasts of his zoo
wild, haired chicks
each color connects
to create the boat
which rocks the race

could any hell be more
horrible than now
& real

“I pressed her thigh
& death smiled”

death, old friend
death & my cock
are the world
I can forgive
my injuries
in the name of




Sentence upon sentence
Words are healing

Words got me the wound
& will get me well

If you believe it

All join now in lament
for the death of my cock
a tongue of knowledge
in the feathered night

boys get crazy in the head
& suffer
I sacrifice my cock
on the altar
of silence

of Sorrow
Wilderness Angel
dancing wings
of envy
Call me

Messenger in the form of a soldier.
Green wool. He stood there,
off the plane.
A new truth, too horrible to bear.
There was no record of it
anywhere in the ancient signs
or symbols.
People looked at each other,
in the mirror, their children's
Why had it come?
There was no escape from
it anywhere.
A truth too horrible to name.
Only a loose puking moan
could frame its dark interiors.
Only a few could look upon
its face w/calm.
Most of the people fell instantly
under its dull friendly terror.
They looked to the calm ones
but saw only a green
military coat.
None of the old Things worked.


— What is connection?

— When 2 motions, thought
to be infinite & mutually
exclusive, meet in a

— Of time?

— Yes.

— Time does not exist.
There is no time.

— Time is a straight plantation.

For those people who died
for Nirvana
for the heavenly creed
for you, for me

These lines are written
to convey the message
To ignore the warning
To spree upward into
Tantalizing voices
To visit under-seas
Things more horrible
than war
Things out of the tales
Great beasts
Suffering extinction.

History of Rock
coinciding w/my

Carne to LA to
Film School

Venice Summer

Drug Visions

Roof top songs

early struggles &

Thanks to the girls
who fed me.

Making Records

Elvis had sex-wise
mature voice at 19.

Mine still retains the
nasal whine of a
repressed adolescent
minor squeaks & furies
An interesting singer
at best —a scream
or a sick croon. Nothing

A natural leader, a poet,
a Shaman, w/the
soul of a clown.

What am I doing
in the Bull Ring
Every public figure
running for Leader

Spectators at the Tomb
—riot watchers

Fear of Eyes

Being drunk is a good disguise.

I drink so I can talk to assholes.
This includes me.

A frog in the road
children in church
lying like death
on the back seat

A whore-house.
Lord John & Lady Anne's.
Red-blooded Blue-blooded.
Queen's bosom.
Is it The Princess?

Golden-blood, like me, he said, 
folding the bill again neatly, 
the Queen's ear —a naked
cock stuck in her ass.

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

You're no more innocent
that a turkey vulture

A cannon.

The Negro slaves & the English
killed the Indians, & mixed
w/the Spanish, who were soon
forced out.

Yes, big battles

Boom Boom.

The hour of the wolf
has now ended. Cocks
crow. The world is built
up again, struggling in

The child gives in to night-
Mare, while the grown
Man fears his fear.

I must leave this island, 
Struggling to be born
from blackness.

Fear the good deep dark
American Night.
Blessed is Night.

The flood has subsided
The movie panic & the
chauffeured drive
Thru the suburbs.

Wild folks in weird dress
by the side of the hiway.

Some of the men wear
Tunics or short skirts.
The women posture on
Their porches in mock
classical pose.

The driver aims the car
& it guides itself. Tunnels
click by overhead.

Love the deep green gloom
of American Night.


In that year we had a great visitation of energy.

Back in those days everything
was simpler & more confused.
One summer night, going
To the pier, I ran into
2 young girls. The
blonde was called Freedom, 
the dark one, Enterprise.
We talked, & they told
me this story.


A wake
Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one
Choose the day, & the sign
of your day,
1st thing you see.

A burnt tree, like a giant
primeval bird, a leaf, 
dry & bitter, crackling tales
in its warm waves.
Sidewalk gods will do for you.
The forest of the neighborhood, 
The empty lost museum, &
The mesa, & the Mt. pregnant
Monument above the newsstand
where the children hide
When school ends.


& the cool fluttering rotten wind
& a child's hand-print on
picture window
& the guncocked held
on the shoulder.
& fire in the night
waiting, in a darkened house
for the cruel insane breed
from town to arrive
& come poking thru smoke
& fuel & ashes for milk
& the evil leer on their faces
barking w/triumph
Who will not stop them?
The hollow tree, where
we three slept & dreamed
in the movement of
whirling shadows & grass
Tired rustle of leaves
An oldman stirs the dancers
w/his old dance
swift shadows lean on the
meat of forest
to allow breathing.

Gently they stir
Gently rise
The dead are new-born
w/ravaged limbs
& wet souls
Gently they sigh
in rapt funeral amazement
Who called these dead to dance?
Was it the young woman
learning to play the “Ghost
Song” on her baby grand?
Was it the wilderness children?
Was it the Ghost-God himself,
stuttering, cheering,
chatting blindly?
— I called you up to
anoint the earth.
I called you to announce
sadness falling like
burned skin
I called you to wish
you well, to glory in
self like a new monster
& now I call on you
to pray.


Well I used to know someone fair
She had orange ribbons in her hair
She was such a trip
She was hardly there
But I loved her
Just the same

There was rain in our window, 
The FM set was ragged
But she could talk, yeah, 
We learned to speak

And one year
has gone by

Such a long long road to seek it
All we did was break and freak it
We had all
That lovers ever had
We just blew it
And I'm not sad

Well I’m mad

And I’m bad

And two years
have gone by

Now her world was bright orange
And the fire glowed
And her friend had a baby
And she lived with us
Yeah, we broke through the window
Yeah, we knocked on the door
Her phone would not answer,
Yeah, but she's still home

Now her father has passed over
& her sister is a star
& her mother smokes diamonds
& she sleeps our in the car

Yeah, but she remembers Chicago
The musicians & guitars
& grass by the lake
& people who laugh'd
& made her poor heart ache

Now we live down in the valley
We work out on the farm
We climb up to the mountains
& everything's fine

& I'm still here
& you're still there
& we're still around


The 1st electric wildness carne
over the people
on sweet Friday.
Sweat was in the air.
The channel beamed,
token of power.
Incense brewed darkly.
Who could tell then that here
it would end?

One school bus crashed w/a train.
This was the Crossroads.
Mercury strained.
I couldn't get out of my seat.
The road was littered
w/dead jitterbugs.
we'll be late for class.

The secret flurry of rumor
marched over the yard &
pinned us unwittingly
Mt. fever.
A girl stripped naked on the
base of the flagpole.

In the restrooms all was cool
& silent
w/the salt-green of latrines.
Blankets were needed.

Ropes fluttered.
Smiles flattered
& haunted.

Lockers were pried open
& secrets discovered.

Ah sweet music.

Wild sounds in the night
Angel siren voices.
The baying of great hounds.
Cars screaming thru gears
& shrieks
on the wild road
Where the tires skid & slide
into dangerous curves.

Favorite corners.
Cheerleaders raped in summer
Holding hands
& bopping toward Sunday.

Those lean sweet desperate hours.

Time searched the hallways
for a mind.
Hands kept time.
The climate altered like a
visible dance.

Night-time women.
Wondrous sacraments of doubt
Sprang sullen in bursts
of fear & guilt
in the womb's pit hole
The belt of the beast


Meeting you at your parent's gate
we will tell you what to do
What you have to do
to survive

Leave the rotten towns
of your father
Leave the poisoned wells
& bloodstained streets
Enter now the sweet forest


I walked thru the panther's living room
And our summer together ended
too soon
Stronger than father
Strangled by night
Rest in my sun burst
Relax in her secret wilderness
This is the sea of doubt
which threads harps
& unstrung
It's the brother, not the past
who turns sunlight into glass
it's the valley
it's me

Testimony from
a strange witness

Love frightened corners, 
Thrill to the wood-vine.

So much of it good
& so much quantity.


The major's boots are where
he left them.


Period prints —white
& black boxing match.

A Negro Dance


The principal of the school holds his nose. 
“A dead cow is in there. I wonder
why they haven't sent someone to
remove it?”

A vulture streams by, 
& another. The white up
of his claw-like red beak
looks white, like meat.
Swift sad languorous

The cat drinks little cat
laps from a sick
Turquoise swimming pool.

(Insane couplings out in the night.)

America, I am hook'd to your
Cold white neon bosom, & suck
snake-like thru the dawn, I
am drawn back home
your son in exile
in the land of Awakening
What dreams possessed you
to merge in the morning?

“I been in a daze.”

A spot, a reef, behind
the nursery door, off
the main bedroom—
“Those are the major's.”

The bed looms like a white
funereal butterfly barge
at one end of the room, 
hung w/nets & sails.

“We're outlaws.”

“What church it that?”
“Church of God.”
white bandana, white tambourine

—Walking on the Water—

“In traditional style, we'll
give them a good political
back-siding” — (laughter)



The flowering
of god-like people
in the muted air
would seem
to an intruder
of certain size

but this is all we have left
to guide us

Now that He is gone


The wild whore laughs
like an ancient spinster
Crone, we see you, come again
in the mind
I lie like fever
Dancing your nubile hush
willing to be possessed
untold stories
dare indians rise
Trampled, like red-skins
sacred fore-skin
Cancer began w/the knife's
cruel blow & damaged
rod has risen again
in the East
like a star
on fire


—Moment of inner freedom
when the mind is opened & the
infinite universe revealed
& the soul is left to wander
dazed & confus'd searching
here & there for teachers & friends.

Moment of Freedom
as the prisoner
blinks in the sun
like a mole
from his hole

A child's 1st trip
away from home

That moment of Freedom.

What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Is it music?
We can play music.
But you want more.
You want something & someone new.
Am I right?
Of course I am.
I know what you want.
You want ecstasy.
Desire & dreams.
Things are not exactly what they seem.
I lead you this way, he pulls that way.
I'm not singing to an imaginary girl.
I'm talking to you, my self.
Let's recreate the world.
The palace of conception is burning.

Look. See it burn.
Bask in the warm hot coals.

You're too young to be old.
You don't need to be told, 
You want to see things as they are.
You know exactly what I do.


To be alone
& watch the dawn
It could create
a silly song
About a girl
I used to know

She was the star
of the lost side show

She wasn't me
She wasn't you
Believe you me
Knew what to do

& say to a man on
the end of his tether
“Hey, fine handsome
Man, there'll be a change
in the weather”

So what am I
Supposed to do?
just sit alone
& chew my shoe
I needed a love
No more than she
& yet no less
& no regrets

If you can fill me in
on my Telephone
I'd be a sadder, 
wiser son of a gun

I’ll just this
about all that
I was the mouse
who caught the cat

I don't intend
To give you no points
of view

I just mean to tell
You—I'm alone


Time works like acid
Stained eyes
You see time fly

The face changes as the heart beats
& breathes

We are not constant
We are an arrow in flight
The sum of the angles of change

Her face changed in the car
eyes & skin & hair remain
the same. But a hundred similar
girls succeed each other.


We awoke, talking. Telling dreams
an explosion during the night.

A new siren. Not cop, fire, 
New York ambulance or european
movie riot news but the strange
siren predicting war. She ran
to the window. The yellow thing
had risen


Car cemetery
The abandoned cars
The color of car paint, new at night
under neon
The dead reside in cars
— the old man, filthy,
keeper of the graveyard
Children, curious, throw stones


There's someone at the door.
A rapist rushes in.
No pain. No death.

It's us, over & over again

We're coming in.
All right, search the place.
You won't find anything.

Seeing all perspectives at once

When everything freezes
& kind of turns back
in on itself.


O how could this be done to me
great dancers's Witness
God, you are a satyr in disguise
Thus cruelly & uselessly to
Rend my life awry
I’ll lie here stolen, in cold wind
in the road, until peace freezes

& hallows me
Rude ghost bastard.
Ah! Who comes now.


If it's no problem, why mention it?
Everything spoken means that
it's opposite, & everything else.
I'm alive, I'm dying.


The end of the rainbow

put all my screaming phantasies
into one giant

image of self-image-propagation
image of elation

limit 1st tree

image of Utopia
a slaughter of phantoms


The Human World
bounded by words
& dust

sweet soft & velvet

medium trust


Heaven or Hell the circus
of your actions

To Play
(chance is god here)
at Carnival

assuage the guilt
The deep fear

The separated loneliness

open Synagogue
open sesame

The Party of new connections
mind made free
Love cannot save you
from your own fate

Art cannot soothe
Words cannot tame
The Night


Scour the mind w/diamond
brushes. Cleanse into Mandalas.
Memory keeps us wicked & warm.
The Time Temple. Who'll go 1st?
Cloaked figures huddled by walls.
A head moves clocklike slowly.
I'm coming. Wait for me.


You think I don't know that!

Your poetry is so obsessed
I like my madmen cold

The abandoned Hotel
flowers dirt on its walls
The labyrinth of bowels
moves slowly in grim waste
Children play here, wait
& sway here, tiring to her
swoon arched summer
and languid by the bow
Sits Esther, made up
like a queen, port in
a storm, striking fire-bells
in her drawers, chalking
the black street w/wild lies


I wish a storm would
come & blow this shit
away. Or a bomb to
burn the Town & scour
the sea. I wish clean
death would come to me.


The end of the dream
will be when it

all things lie
Buddha will forgive me
Buddha will


Thank you, O Lord
For the white blind light
A city rises from the sea
I had a splitting headache
from which the future's made

In that year
We had an intense visitation
of energy


When radio dark night existed
& assumed control, & we rocked in its web
consumed by static, & stroked w/fear
we were drawn down long from
a deep sleep, & awaken'd
at dayfall by worried guardeners
& made to be led thru dew wet
jungle to the swift summit, o'er looking
the sea...

A vast radiant beach & a cool
jewelled moon. Couples naked
race down by its quiet side &
we laugh like soft mad children, 
smug in the wooly cotton brains
of infancy.

The music & voices are all around us.

Choose. They croon
The ancient ones
The time has come again
Choose now. They croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake.

Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream, come w/us
Everything is broken up
& dances.

(Mt. Music

Moonshine night
Mt. Village
Insane in the woods
in the deep trees

Under the moon
Beneath the stars
They reel & dance
The young folk

Led to the Lake
by a King & Queen

O, I want to be there
I want us to be there
Beside the lake
Beneath the moon
Cool & swollen
dripping its hot

Frozen moment by a lake
A Knife has been stolen
The death of the snake

I know the impossible sea
when the dogs bark

I am a death bird
Naughty night bird

Bird of prey. Bird of prey
flying high, flying high
in the summer sky

Bird of prey, Bird of prey
flying high, flying high
Gently pass on by

Bird of prey, Bird of prey
flying high, flying high
Am I going to die

Bird of prey, Bird of prey
flying high, flying high
Take me on your flight

Indians scattered on dawn's
Hiway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child's
fragile egg-shell mind

Underwaterfall, Underwaterfall
The girls return from summer balls
Let's steal the eye that sees us all

Why does my mind circle around you
Why do planets wonder what it
Would be like to be you?

All your soft wild promises were words
Birds, endlessly in flight

Your dog is still lost in the frozen woods
or he would run to you
How can he run to you
lunging w/blooded sickness on the snow?
He's still sniffing gates & searching
Strangers for your smell
which he remembers very well

Is there a moon in your window?
Is madness laughing?
Can you still run down beach
rocks bed below w/out him?

Winter Photography
our love's in jeopardy
Winter Photography
our love's in jeopardy
Sit up all night, talking smoking
Count the dead & wait for morning 
(Will warm names & faces come again
Does the silver forest end?)

And if all of the people
could claim to inspect
such regret

Well we'd have no forgiveness
forgetfulness faithful

So I tell you
I tell you
I tell you
We must send away

We must try to find a new
answer instead of
a way

All hail the American Night

And so I say to you
The silk handkerchief was
embroidered in China or Japan
behind the steel curtain. And
no one can cross the borderline
w/out proper credentials.
This is to say that we are all
sensate & occasionally sad
& if every partner in crime
were to incorporate promises
in his program the dance
might end & all our friends
would follow.

Who are our friends?

Are they sullen & slow? Do
they have great desire? Or
are they one of the multitude who
walk doubting their impossible
regret. Certainly things happen
& reoccur in continuous promise; 
All of us have found a safe
niche where we can store up
riches & talk to our fellows
on the same premise of disaster.

But this will not do. No, this
will never do. There are
continents & shores which
beseech our understanding.
Seldom have we been so slow.
Seldom have we been so far.

My only wish is to see
Far Arden again.

The truth is on his chest
The cellular excitement has
Totally inspired our magic
Veteran. And now for an
old trip. I'm tired of thinking.
I want the old forms to
reassert their sexual cool.
My mind is just —you know.
And this morning before I sign
off I would like to tell you
about Texas Radio & the Big Beat.
It moves into the perimeter of
your sacred sincere & dedicated
Smile like a calm survivor
of the psychic war. He was
no general for he was not old.
He was no private for he
could not be sold.

He was only a man & his
dedication extended to the last
degree. Poor pretentious soldier, 
come home. The dark Los Angeles
evening is steaming the Church
that we attended & I miss
my boy. Stupid in green—
What the color green? When
I watch the T.V. & I see
helicopters swirling their
brutal & bountiful sensation
over the fields & the comic walls
I can only smile & fix a meal
& think about the child who
will one day own you.

In conclusion, darling, let
me repeat: your home is still
here, inviolate & certain
and I open the wide smile of
my remembrance. This to you
on the anniversary of our first
night. I know you love me
to talk this way. I hope
no one sees this message
written in the calm lonely
far out languid summer afternoon
W/my total love.

She's selling news in the market
Time in the hall
The girls of the factory
Rolling cigars
They haven't invented musak yet
So I read to them
a horror story from the Gothic age
a gruesome romance
From the LA

I have a vision of America
Seen from the air
28,000 ft. & going fast

A one-armed man in Texas
parking labyrinth
A burnt tree like a giant primeval bird
in an empty lot in Fresno
Miles & miles of hotel corridors
& elevators, filled w/ citizens.

Motel Money Murder Madness
Change the mood from glad to sadness

play the ghost song baby

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