Sunday, March 15, 2020

Washington State's New Paid Family Medical Leave Program A Complete Disaster

It's a sick adults worst nightmare. To suddenly find out that despite thinking you were covered for your medical bills, you were somehow wrong. Your already home, caring for yourself after say, a needed neck surgery, and you can't get  through to anyone on the telephone at PFML ( Paid Family Medical Leave ) People on their Facebook page have all said the same thing. They wait on hold for up to an hour and then get hung up on. You can't get through to anyone via email. There's simply no communication what-so-ever. Unlike FMLA, your employer has nothing to do with filing this, you do it all yourself. So they can't help you. In fact, HR workers are having a hard time getting through to them as well.  

 The only time your phone rings lately its bill collectors. While Boeing is already demanding Government bailouts due to shut downs to hopefully prevent the spread of coronavirus, what about the actual workers in Washington who have been waiting for weeks to even hear back a word about being approved?

  You can't file with them until your baby is born apparently, in case you lose the baby. Wouldn't you still take a few weeks off anyhow? So they can't just pay you for those weeks then let you decide if you want to get a Dr's letter to ask for more time?

 I've never known a woman who lost a baby close to full term or during birth that just went back to work the next day. Regardless, this PFML in regards to having a baby is supposed to be so that parents can bond with the baby. But can you really do that while your on the phone trying to figure out where YOUR money is?

3 years ago, Washington State legislature passed what they called a " historic bipartisan legislation that will provide paid family and medical leave benefits to working Washingtonians. The bill is said to be one of the most progressive. Called " worker friendly as well as fiscally responsible " promising to include low wage workers who will receive up to 90% of their salary or wages while on leave. 

The following article says  " Washington’s leave program is among the most generous in the nation, and supporters are optimistic it will increase worker security and help provide stability for employers " 

Read here for the history on what they envisioned and decide for yourself, did they prepare for the amount of applicants? 

Seattle Times Article from 2018 

So here we are in the middle of March, and thousands of people who paid into the program for the last year, amd who were counting on it for the birth of a child, or for planned surgery have been left to fend for themselves, with a apology on the SAW ( Secure Access Washington )  website saying " We know how hard this is " etc. 

And then the unimaginable happens. While your wondering how your going to eat that night, or how your going to fix your car that just broke down so you can get your kids to school and yourself to your follow up Dr. appointments, you have already been fighting with your husband over lack of better financial planning. They are saying it could be up to 12 weeks before you get paid a dime of what your OWED from the PFML that you paid into for the last year....and now....The Coronavirus hits your city, your state with the most progressive and promising Paid Family Leave program. NOW WHAT? 

Are you suppose to just forget what your body is telling you? To stay in bed and rest after your surgery? What if you become sick with other illnesses besides the Coronavirus. It seems like suddenly this is the only disease that matters. When people are suffering from extremely painful conditions like Crohn's disease, Fibromyalgia , obviously cancer treatments to name a few. 

This article is not to seem unsympathetic to anyone anywhere that has contracted the Coronavirus. Do I personally think maybe certain countries should simply stop eating snakes, bats, spiders and monkeys? Well yes, I do. But I am simply here to warn anyone trying to get paid to stay home on leave for ANY of the qualifying reasons, filling out all the proper forms, sending them in, and waiting will likely leave you very frustrated and possibly very broke. 

Please share this so that people who have applied might get some outside assistance in getting the money coming to them.  And so that people who may get sick today with this virus  ( a virus that we really don't know enough about to know how long and how many of us are at risk- the outcome is not yet preordained ) may take this all into consideration before they walk off the job thinking they can count on this program. 

One thing is for sure. ESD ( Employment Security Department ) is WAY behind on processing payments to people who applied many weeks ago. And something needs to be done on an emergency type scale to get these working people paid and able to pay their bills. This needs to happen now, not in 2 months. After all, it is now a law. 

Please share this and please comment if you have been waiting for a unreasonable amount of time for your PFML. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Captain Beautiful & Chester LeCrow Meet Savy Jane & The Ghost Council Of Georgetown

Commonly, we meet up with our Hadesian friends Captain Beautiful and Chester LeCrow, inside Room 301 of the Moore Hotel in Seattle, or sometimes in the lobby with their friend Bobby and his front desk coffee. But today was no ordinary day. In fact, it was a very busy busy day for our heroes...and it was Halloween Eve. 

By the time we caught up with the delightful duo, they had already been on a bus, a train, and were now comfortably seated on another bus, and late afternoon was approaching. Dear Chester was sipping on his good, good coffee and looking on as Captain Beautiful rummaged through his most Captainly backpack. Chester LeCrow finally spoke, "So, Captain, why are you so sure it's ghosts that are stealing Savy Jane's paintings? I mean, I can't see what a ghost would want with paintings."

Friday, September 28, 2018

Fake Support Groups For Dr. Christine Blasey Ford On Facebook Are Run My Men Who Actually Bashing Her & Are Baiting Women to Get Their Personal Information

I've been repulsed by a lot on social media but this morning as any sane American woman reeled from watching the hearings, which ever side you believe it goes without saying that anyone who calls women bitches -female or male is, well a horrible person. I hate that word! 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Homeless in Seattle~Seattle Police Officer Writes Gentle, Humorous, and Honestly About Working His Beat In West Seattle

Art by Bansky 

I was recently messaged on social media by a Seattle Police Office who's been doing some writing to express his views on the homeless situation in Seattle. He has given us permission to re-share his posts. There were over 200 comments in this post on Nextdoor West Seattle, but you'd have to join that site using a West Seattle address to read the comments. I encourage anyone living in Seattle who's been affected in any way by the homeless, good or bad, to join the site and read his posts. Here is his latest.

A man walks down the street, He says why am I so soft in the middle now, soft in the middle, The rest of my life is so hard...Paul Simon 1986 For the new folks, yes I am an officer, yes I meant to share this. I write first person stories and share my wanderings in my beat in West Seattle. I only patrol in the SW precinct, but my blog is city wide to encourage the discussion on the homeless situation that I deal with daily. All comments that are negative should be directed at me, not others sharing their thoughts, and you have to post or I cannot see your comments. I will try to get back to everybody that leaves a message. So, I am now retyping this message because I erased the whole thing on greatly improved my mood. I recently took a week off because I really needed to. We have been arguing 11 codes, 15 codes, and 18 codes. I have been too nice or too mean. I have no idea what I am doing, or I am the nicest cop ever. And I am a jerk. Yup, that is me. So what are the code things? What am I talking about? Who won the Mariners game? 11 codes are for parking infractions, 15 codes are for messes on the planting strips, 18 codes are for the parks. that is the simple answer. These along with the MDAR, are what we use to deal with the massive issue that we are now confronted with. I am the officer assigned to deal with the issue in the SW precinct and vacillate between being a sweet clueless moron and an angry rule enforcing ogre, depending on who you ask. My dog likes me and so does my mom. And the Mariners won 5-4, Diaz got the save. I have seen the rising anger and frustration that is starting to seep out of a lot of people regarding the messes and the tents and the motorhomes. We see the mess too. We pick up the messes, break down the tents, and tow the motorhomes ...sometimes. I also hear the compassion and the empathy that pour out of a lot of other people and we are picking up the messes and leaving the tents, and moving the motorhomes...sometimes. We are being consistent and trying to figure this out. We are being firm and empathetic. We are towing motorhomes from neighborhoods, addressing tents in parks and arresting criminals. We are helping people with mental problems and drug addictions. We do not have the answers in all cases, but we are getting there. I have a high barrier camp in my area, and I check in routinely to see how things are going. Not much crime from them, but across the street on the hillside, I have a mess. Drugs, alcohol, and I believe a lot of stolen property...if I could prove it. I took a week off like I said. The motorhomes trickled back in. The tents and the trash expanded. The mess grew. Out in the ocean there is a plastic island the size of Texas I mess on Myers Wy is almost as epic. Keep the faith Seattle. Your police department is trying and we will not fail. We are listening and adapting to meet the current crisis. The government is a slow moving entity, but we will get on top of this mess before it is the size of Texas. We are open 24/7, 365 days a year. We make house calls. Call us if you need us. Have a great weekend Seattle.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Life & Almost Death of a Stardog Champion

 Not so fast there sizzle chest!

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Chester Le Crow & Captain Beautiful~ Chapter 3 ~ Mayor Spock & An Elvish Burrito

Late the next morning Captain Beautiful and Chester Le Crow woke from a peaceful sleep inside the comfort of room 301 at the Moore Hotel. Captain Beautiful yawned, stretched, and began sifting through his backpack that was propped next to the bed. Chester examined his now glittery purple talons, and felt a new sense of admiration for them.
 "You know," said Chester, "it's odd...I would have spent my life as Cedric looking for all sorts of sparkly things, and now they're attached to my feet. I like this though; it's nice."

 "Yes, yes, it's most fabulous," Captain Beautiful replied. "Speaking of which, it's going to take me a while to freshen up and re-glitter myself before we set out on today's adventures--here, my friend, you should acquaint yourself with this device while I'm getting ready," and he pulled out a compact, opened it, and tilted it toward Chester. "Though your mind has a direct link to the Hadesian data banks, this little contraption will help you get started until you improve at using your new abilities. I've just activated it, you'll find that using it is easy and most self-explanatory."

Chester examined the special compact then tapped his little talon upon the mirror, after which a holographic menu popped up with all sorts of strange looking characters. He was able to understand them somehow. "So this is like an encyclopedia of everything, it seems?" Chester asked.  "Yes, but also much more," explained Captain Beautiful, and he wandered off to the bathroom to freshen up. "Have fun with it my friend."   Chester was indeed having fun with it..tapping the mirror and interacting with all the strange holograms. "Wow," Chester mumbled to himself, "I had no idea that pancakes have their origin in the Vega system. Fascinating."

 More tapping, more examining, he stumbled on to a rock band called "Aviary" by mistake while looking up information on Earth birds. "From Seattle, even," Chester muttered, and he enjoyed the songs their little holograms performed for him. Then the holograms went away and the compact made a strange humming sound. A tiny green light blinked and up popped a hologram of a man with pointy ears. Chester yelled out to Captain Beautiful, "Umm, Captain, there is a strange hologram of a man with pointy ears now--and I didn't access this. I think something is wrong."

Not interrupting the application of his eye shadow, Captain Beautiful shouted back, "He's not wearing a toga is he?"

"No," Chester replied. "A blue shirt. Looks like the dude from Star Trek--though I'm not sure why I know that."

 "Okay, good," Captain Beautiful replied. "It's just Mayor Spock. As long as he's not wearing a toga we're fine...tell him I'll connect with him a little later as I'm finishing up my eyes right now. And yes, he'll know who you are Chester--no worries."

 Chester did as instructed, and Mayor Spock commented on Chester's fabulous purple talons before his hologram went away. A moment later Captain Beautiful had returned from the bathroom and sat down on the bed next to Chester. Chester asked, "So Spock is a Mayor of someplace?"

 "Yes," answered the now glittery Captain, "Spock was transported almost immediately to Hadesia for reincarnation after he died on Earth. He liked it there in Hadesia, and we liked having him--he's so charming you know--so we asked him if he'd like to stay and be our mayor, and he graciously accepted. He was never actually reincarnated, which is why he is still Spock. Mayor Spock, even." 

 "I see," Chester whispered, and went on, "So I was the average Earthling we could be considered super heroes of sorts, no?"

Captain Beautiful tilted his chin and looked up at the ceiling for a second. "Yes, I suppose we could. And I think I know just what you're thinking! And I like it!" He rummaged through the backpack again and pulled out some glittery white powder and a small brush. "Come here, my friend," the Captain gestured, and Chester waddled over. "You need a hero's costume. I shall paint a glittery white star over your right eye. How'd that be, my super hero companion?"
 "Sounds nice," said Chester, "Can I have some sort of utility belt or something too?

 Captain Beautiful smiled with enthusiasm, "Yes, yes, of course...we can do anything we want to!" And he painted a perfect sparkling powder star quickly over Chester's eye. "We'll fashion you a special utility belt later on, but right now we should go..I'm very hungry and have a massive craving for an Elvis burrito." Then the Captain stood up and fluffed his rabbit fur coat before slipping it over his arms.

"An Elvish burrito?" questioned Chester, "I've never heard of that...what is it? "Not 'Elvish' burrito, my silly friend, an 'Elvis burrito'--as in Elvis Presley--the famous rock star" Captain Beautiful quipped. "At Mama's...just around the corner from here. Maybe some rice and beans for my fabulous super hero companion?"

 Chester shrugged his wings "Sure, why not? Maybe even some of your Elvis long as it doesn't have chicken in it--I wouldn't feel right eating poultry, you know"

 "Nope," answered Captain Beautiful, "No chicken at all in the Elvis burrito, my friend." As the two exited the hotel lobby,and out onto the sidewalk (Chester upon Captain Beautiful's shoulder, of course), they discussed how they should handle communicating in public. After many valid points from both sides and weighing of various ups and downs, they ultimately decided that if they were going to be super heroes then they might as well go ahead and speak openly despite the attention it would certainly draw. It was supposed that the public would adapt to the spectacle more quickly if they were open, approachable, and demonstrated that they had nothing to hide.

 They arrived at Mama's in just a few minutes by foot, and Captain Beautiful thought it best they choose a table outside beneath an umbrella. "I'm sure we could convince the staff to let you inside the restaurant, seeing that you are a talking super hero," Captain Beautiful spoke, "but I don't think that's the best way to introduce you to the public. It might come off as though we were trying to obtain special treatment based on our status as super heroes...and I'd not be comfortable with that sort of divisiveness."

 Chester LeCrow agreed completely and hopped down onto a table. Captain Beautiful sat down next to him and sipped at a glass of water. The Captain, realizing his companion would be thirsty too, poured some of his water onto a small saucer and slid it over to Chester. The two drank peacefully and in silence.There were just a handful of people seated nearby that were of course intrigued by the presence of these two characters, but Chester and Captain Beautiful were seemingly oblivious to the attention. The waitress that greeted them wasn't put off in the least by them--or at least she didn't show it if she was. 

"Well hello again," Captain Beautiful spoke to the server..."You'll see I've made a new friend--Chester LeCrow he is called. We've decided we're going to be super heroes." The server smiled graciously and petted Chester on the head gently. "I see, " she said softly, "and a most handsome duo you will make for sure! I'm Emily," she continued, and politely took Chester's foot between her fingers as he had offered it up. "That nail polish suits you perfectly, Chester!" Chester was blushing but there was no way to tell through all his feathers. "Thank you, Emily, it's very nice to meet you. My companion and I came here for an Elvish burrito...I mean an Elvis burrito.And beans and rice
maybe too?"

"Well of course," Emily answered..."A lovely bird that knows what it wants. You will make a fine super hero, Chester. I'll have that for your shortly," she finished and disappeared into the restaurant.
>>  The meal of course was enjoyed and appreciated by Captain Beautiful and his forever companion Chester LeCrow. Patrons passed by and came and went as the two super heroes ate, but none made much of a scene. A few raised eyebrows and awkward smiles here and there, but nothing too distracting. Perhaps a picture or two was taken of them as well, but we can't be sure. They took their time with the meal and discussed the sort of things companions need to discuss once they've decided to be super heroes together. 

 It was a pleasant start to a fabulous era.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Case of the Pussycat with the Purple Tail~on Dirty Dog Chronicles~Tactical Journalism

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